Irish Councillor dowses top quality spring

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Irish Councillor dowses top quality spring

Postby Rory » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:20 pm

In the Irish Daily Mirror Jan 23rd 2008 there is an article about Councillor PJ Kelly who has discovered, through dowsing, three top quality underground springs. A new bottling plant in the village of Lissacasey is being built to sell the water. The bottling plant is set to produce many jobs and will bring around 1.5 million Euro per annum income into the small village in County Clare. Councillor Kelly has been dowsing water for 40 years and has always been 100% successful. He says that when he searches for water he gets positive and negative signals.

Just think what could be done if more people in the world started to dowse for water and other things. Then think of the spin offs from that.

Does anyone know Mr Kelly? Perhaps we can hear more from someone who has spoken to him. The more people that know of his, and others :D successes the better.
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