Chinese water dowsers

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Chinese water dowsers

Postby JackieN » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:47 pm

I've just been reading Bomb Book & Compass by Simon Winchester which chronicles Joseph Needham's times in China which resulted in his growing tome on Science and Civilisation in China (24 volumes).

There's a comment which is really intriguing that Needham was stuck in Lanzhou in the early 1940s and interviewed a man who built windmills and was working on a way to 'detect water underground with a technique more sophisticated than dowsing'.

I just wondered if anyone had come across this or knew what it referred to. Needham's life work was all about showing that China invented a lot of things many hundreds of years before they were 'discovered' in the West so thought I'd try to find out more about this mysterious technique.


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