I have a problem.

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I have a problem.

Postby griff » Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:48 pm


Analysis of water from one of our recent boreholes shows a fluoride level of more than twice the UK Maximum Allowable Concentration. Although RO will remove 95%, reducing the fluoride level to comply with statute, the process is slow and expensive to buy and run and the daily demand is far in excess of the capability of moderately priced units available. My treatment plant equipment suppliers say that RO is the only way to tackle the problem.

I have researched extensively the internet and it would appear that the only viable alternative option is to pass the service water through adsorbtion by graded granular activated carbon media made from BSE Prion-Free Bone-char. This has been successfully deployed in Africa using gravity filters. I have e-mailed several uk manufacturers of GAC but have not received a reply from any of them. Sugar manufacturers employ adsorbent bone char in processing brown cane sugar into white sugar via a pressurised system whereby (I think) the bonechar medium is backwashed and regenerated. Something along these lines seems ideal for water treatment to remove fluoride, BUT I simply cannot find a supplier of the essential media. or any contact to consult!

This problem has arisen because of changes to the UK Private Water Supplies Regulations implemented by uk government on 1/9/2010.

Does ANYONE know how to obtain this material or suggest how this problem can be solved?

Regards to all


PS I admit that this is not strictly a dowsing matter, except that I have suggested dowsing for a drilling site elsewhere which is unacceptable to my client.
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Re: I have a problem.

Postby Paul Collett » Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:10 am

Have you tried GE Betz? I believe they are based in Widnes. They were formerly known as Betz Dearborn and before that Dearborn. We used them for water treatment chemical supplies when I was at Ford. If you can't trace them come back to me and I'll phone some of my former colleagues for help.
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Re: I have a problem.

Postby Guy Hudson » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:49 am

I know several water engineers that purify water. Can you give me the ref for the regs and I will see what I can find.
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