The story of Avebury moves on.

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The story of Avebury moves on.

Postby Durotrigian » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:33 pm

Science appears to be increasing our knowledge of how the Avebury site began with unexpected new findings as reported here:- ... ists-find/

I've never dowsed at Avebury but wonder whether any of you that have dowsed, found anything which might have pointed to the existence of this square structure sooner?

Must go and see if I can detect the feature now there is prior knowledge - always a bit suspect being wise after the event so to speak though!
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Re: The story of Avebury moves on.

Postby mike » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:49 pm

Looking at Avebury tonight and dowsing the box shape in the south circle the line of stone coming below the long building at Green Street does have a Ley line running north to south there, passing between the two inner stones, and second from the right of the outer circle of stones in my opinion...But I can find no other Leys connected to the building found there east to west or the other way around, I think the box was a building/or place of worship within the south circle, perhaps an early temple....The first house in Green Street no1 has a very powerful energy centre right in the back garden there, its a most wonderful place, with both radial and concentric energy lines passing through the house and beyond and countryside...Any ancient site I have ever dowsed are all concentric, as thats the way the energy flows in that site worldwide, with radial energy lines coming from its centre as well, which do cover the planet that you can follow dowsing for great distances, each unique site in my opinion.

It might be worth dowsing the building to see which came first, the house or the concentric rows of stones placed in the ground there. ?
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