Archaelogists Search For "Secret" Tunnels In Waltham Cross

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Archaelogists Search For "Secret" Tunnels In Waltham Cross

Postby Merlin » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:20 pm

Saturday, July 14th 2012 10:12

Archaeologists are attempting to unearth some of Waltham Cross's secrets from the past...

A big dig is being held in Cedars Park this weekend as part of the Festival of British Archaeology.

Last summer, a vaulted structure was discovered on the east side of the park.

Today a trench is being opened where the tunnel meets a large wall.

Enfield Archaeological Society hopes to reveal more of the tunnel which has been buried beneath the park for over 400 years.

The structure is believed to run from the inner gatehouse of Theobalds Palace towards what is now Dudley Avenue. ... ham-cross/

Quoted in full as its quoted from a local radio station website and will probably disappear in a few days.

Over the years I have often heard tales about tunnels under various towns, although the truth is a lot would never have survived if they did exist due to the weight of modern day traffic on roads (Hertford is a prime example).

I left School at 16 and went to work for St Albans Diocese of the CofE doing Estates work, in particular exhuming graves in preparation for building church halls in old grave yards.

One in particular was St Marys in Baldock (which funny enough is located on the Michael line) plenty of stories about this church normally about Oliver Cromwell (which can't be proved) but one strange story is the church doesn't have a crypt. Plenty of strange stuff like I found human remains literally just under the surface, possibly an illegal grave.

Before building work started we had to fence most of the grave yard off (with picket fence) as it was going to become a construction site, when one post was being knocked into the ground the ground gave way a bit (about the diameter of three posts) and we had to take the post out to stop it disappearing into the ground, seemed like a cavern was underneath. Unfortunately it was out of the construction area and wasn't licensed so we couldn't investigate further. A cement and stone mix was used to seal the hole up.

Over the years I have often wondered what the beneath that hole (wouldn't have been a grave).
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Re: Archaelogists Search For "Secret" Tunnels In Waltham Cro

Postby mike » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:32 pm

Are you talking about Waltham Abbey here, I know its history goes back thousands of years, it has nine powerful circles in the fields here that cross the M25, dowsed them years ago when the son was at University in London, I always tried to drive this area when the fraffic had reduced, so I never picked up a JAG in the boot. :mrgreen:
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