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Postby Geoff Stuttaford » Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:58 am

Pillar of Eliseg
Subject: Megaliths in Wales
Early Christian Sculptured Stone in Powys. The Pillar of Eliseg near Valle Crucis Abbey (SJ 203445). The last king of Powys had this stone erected before he died in 854. The long and now very faint inscription gives his descent from Vortigern
Note: Information on 2010 dig. Museum's Facebook page has updates. See comment.

CROSS REFERENCE: See also this thread.

Culswick Broch
Subject: Megaliths in Scotland
Culswick Broch is an unexcavated coastal broch in the West Mainland area of Shetland. The broch stands commandingly on the top of a massive rock platform that overlooks a loch, which is crossed by a causeway. The location of the broch is superb!

Easter Aquorthies
Subject: Megaliths in Scotland
This is a lovely recumbent stone circle, situated on the false crest of a hill just outside Inverurie in Aberdeenshire.
Note: Something new: a great set of recent photos.

Hill of Tara
Subject: Sites under Threat
Earthworks and Passage Grave in Co. Meath. Before the commercialisation of Newgrange to a kind of Neolithic Mall, this was the most celebrated of Irish sites, yet rather disappointing now.The earthworks are of Iron Age date but are not the remains of banqueting halls etc. that Romantic songs might lead us to expect.
Note: Irish Heritage Rights Survey launched to coincide with Tara UNESCO Nomination, see latest comment.

Swinton Druid's Temple
Subject: Megaliths in England
Modern Stone Circle in Yorkshire (North). New Swinton Hall is a mile or so to the west of Masham, near Ilton. It was built by the owner himself, William Danby (1752 - 1833). His next project was the labour intensive work of creating another Stonehenge, with a shilling a day paid to the workers.
Note: If follies are your thing, the Folly Fellowship have a new Google map of 500 sites, link in comment below

Ness of Brodgar
Subject: Megaliths in Scotland
Ancient Settlement in Orkney. A large Neolithic complex on the Brodgar peninsula lies on the low ridge between the Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar. An initial geophysical survey, as part of the WHA Geophysics Programme, revealed numerous anomalies ‘indicative of settlement’ covering 2.5 hectares.
Note: Painted walls found within two of the structures, the first such discovery in the UK. Also Neolithic 'slate' roof and lots more in the live excavation blog running at the moment.

Subject: Megaliths in Wales
Hillfort in Flintshire. The hillfort of Penycloddiau covers some 21 hectares with the highest point 440 metres above sea level, and forms part of a chain of hillforts in the Clwydian Range of Mountains.
Note: Penycloddiau Audio Tour points are now available to download as MP3, see latest comment

Stonehenge twin discovered stone's throw away
Subject: Recent Discoveries
New wooden henge, a circular ditch that aligns with world-famous monument, deemed site's most exciting find in a lifetime.
Without a sod of earth being dug up, a new henge, a circular ditch which probably enclosed a ring of timber posts and may have been used for feasting, has been discovered within sight of Stonehenge.

Note: Alex Down has located the site and Angie has a picture

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