Megalithic update

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Megalithic update

Postby Geoff Stuttaford » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:19 am

Tullie House Museum
Subject: Museums
Museum and Art Gallery in Cumbria. One of the biggest and most attractive contemporary art galleries in the region. Museum has large Prehistory collection - flint and bronze tools, rock art from Little Meg
Note: "The truth about faeries" art exhibition 10th July - 12th September 2010, see latest comment.

Creswell Crags
Subject: Museums
Cave Complex in Derbyshire. Creswell Crags is an ensemble of several small caves along both sides of a small valley. Now with it's own museum.
Note: Exhibition: Great Excavations at Creswell Crags, June 12 until winter 2010, see latest comment

Subject: Megaliths in England
This site has been hidden amongst gorze etc for years then a recent gorze fire left it exposed to view. It is now surrounded by a wire fence (probably to protect it from cattle?). It is no more than 20 metres NorthWest of the South West Peninsula Coast Path and is easily spotted.
Note: Lost Cornish barrow with surrounding stone ring recently rediscovered following gorse fire.

Twm Barlwm
Subject: Megaliths in Wales
Hillfort in Monmouthshire (Sir Fynwy). Accessed via a 300ft steep walk from the end of a paved road. There is a cairn at the base of the mound that may predate the mound itself.
Note: The Twmbarlwm society (Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm) set up to protect the mountain, next meeting 5th July, also litter pick planned, See latest comment to help out.

Peat Moors Centre
Subject: Museums
Museum in Somerset (now closed). Reconstructions of many prehistoric structures including Iron Age roundhouses and prehistoric trackways.
Note: Plans afoot for new Somerset Lake Village Project, see latest comment.

Tarbat Discovery Centre
Subject: Sites under Threat
Museum in Easter Ross. Tarbat Discovery Centre is a Museum situated in an old church in the beautiful coastal village of Portmahomack, 42 miles North East of Inverness. Having been abandoned in 1946 the dilapidated building was saved from ruin in 1980, when it was purchased by the newly formed Tarbat Old Parish Church Preservation Trust.
Note: Tarbat Discovery Centre to close at the end of 2010 unless donations are secured to keep it open.

Crugian Bach
Subject: Megaliths in Wales
Stone Circle in Powys. Crugian Bach is a newly discovered stone circle. It was found by Archaeological field workers only a few years ago. It's a typical Welsh circle of small stones,with a big slab in the South East "corner". The tallest stone still standing being just over knee high. It is quite rare in having a centre stone, possibly at one time standing but now a recumbent slab.

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Re: Megalithic update

Postby mike » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:47 pm

Thanks for those links Geoff, I love the Crugian Bach site, have to check it out more when I have time, I get a date of 5000 years plus when the circle/stones was erected, its much older than many sites in Cornwall and Devon in my opinion.A wonderful place and still very active.

Have to say the Megalithic Portal takes some beating for everyday ancient site news, its a must read for people like me, trouble is the forum there just does not like dowsers, even on the dowsing thread,they dont take any prisoners, suck you in and spit you out in seconds :lol:
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