Externally generated energy field around humans

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Externally generated energy field around humans

Postby BobD » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:17 pm

I had promised in an earlier posting that I would work this winter at updating the information found on our website regarding how earth energies affect the spherically layered energy field surrounding humans. The latest PDF versions of the geopathic energy and beneficial energy effects can either be found at http://www.geopathfinder.com/EffectsOnTheSphericalField.pdf or on our earth energy website's "update" page at http://www.geopathfinder.net/EarthEnergyUpdates.html .

The updated versions of our harmful and helpful earth energy checklists, now with the "almost strictly structural" names added for each individual energy, can also be found on the same page of our site. I am hoping that other dowsers who both work with earth energies and who can dowse for structural aspects of each energy (like Guy Underwood, whose work I'm attempting to extend) will check my work and confirm it, or correct it, or simply add to it whatever they find in their own backyards.

My current work involves checking which organs of the human body correspond, or are affected by, each of the 56 energy layers pictured in the lists. I have found a number of interesting correlations and hope to publish my results soon. Then I may move on to other animals, plants, and other beings which are surrounded by fewer energy field layers. But first, does anyone else know why I'm only perceiving 42 energy layers around a newborn human while a fully grown model has 56, including, of course, the 16 "zero-energy", merely structural "place-holder" layers that I originally saw as gaps between energy layers?
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