Von POHL scale

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Von POHL scale

Postby tightwines » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:17 pm

I know that the Von Pohl scale is a 1-16 measurement of GS.

Anything over 9 is very bad and can lead to serious terminal illness.

I also read - somewhere - that one dowser used a Plus/minus (+/- ) 1-16 scale. Why would a minus version be needed?

I searched for an online Von Pohl chart, and came across this Chart


- which seems to be a von Poh chart, but he calls it a 'Logarithmic Numeric Chart' , which, he says, can be used for everything.

Can anyone clarify?

Thanks Paul
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Re: Von POHL scale

Postby Grahame Gardner » Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:54 pm

Lots of dowsers use pendulum charts, and there are many variants. One of the most common, and arguably the most versatile, is a simple +/- 1-10 scale with 0 in the middle. You start the pendulum swinging over the middle line, then you either get a beneficial (+) or detrimental (-) reading. But there are numerous variations, including the von Pohl scale, Bovis units etc.

The main problem with any dowsing scale is that they are very subjective, so no two dowsers are likely to get the same reading - unless they are working together in the same place. With experience you learn to calibrate yourself and work out a scale that works for you; and that's the important thing.
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Re: Von POHL scale

Postby BobD » Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:46 pm

I started using both positive and negative versions of the von Pohl scale back in 2002 when I found lots of earth energies had a helpful effect on humans. The Baron's scale was designed for geopathic energies alone, so I used -1 to -16 for geopathics and +1 to +16 for beneficials.

I think that part of the reason for the relativity and subjectivity of the scales is simply that we aren't all asking the same questions about the same energy, or the same part of a particular energy. For instance, if I check the intensity of the parallel, vertical planes above an underground water pathway it won't be the same as the intensity of the interlocking vertical cylinders within the same pathway. And the intensity differs from daytime to night. I also look at how the energy affects each of the energy fields surrounding a human and, if I look at all 56 layers, some will be more affected by a particular earth energy than others, causing differing symptoms if the energy is geopathic. I've even run into a few energies that switch from harmful to beneficial at dawn or dusk, and there are a few energies that have both harmful and beneficial components.

For those uninterested in the details, just finding out roughly how harmful something is at the moment may be enough. But I'm collecting as much data as possible in order to eventually tease out some further hypotheses to test. It's fun to show someone where the radial energy lines heading toward a sinkhole get increasingly close, and then show them the sunken ground above the physical sinkhole to which the radial lines pointed. Half of what I do is health improvement, the other half prediction and proof. It's all good!
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