Curry Grid Lines and Karst Joint Sets

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Curry Grid Lines and Karst Joint Sets

Postby BobD » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:46 pm

In a continuing search to find physical correlates to geopathic energy patterns I recently came across some information about a pattern of supposed stress fractures in so-called Karst limestone deposits. We have alternating layers of 70-200 foot deep limestone with various depths of sandstone lying between them throughout our region of SE Minnesota, here in the States. The fractures, or "joint sets", in the limestone are often continuous from top to bottom and are categorized as Type 1, which is up to a foot wide, usually fills with soil, and is continuous, Type 2, which is no more than an inch wide and continuous, Type 3, where the joints are not continuous throught the limestone layers, etc. My investigation of this geologic structure began because of a recent upswing in local sand mining to provide "fracking sand" for drillers hoping to extract natural gas and oil using hydraulic fracturing.

The upshot of all this is that the local joint sets are all aligned NE to SW and SE to NW at roughly 45 degrees to the N-S axis. They are also found at regular intervals, ranging from 30 to 100 feet, as seen in local limestone quarries. The alignment and regularity struck me as quite the coincidence, since the most powerful Curry Grid Lines (which I call Primary Curry Grid Lines) follow the same pattern. Checking the local Curry Grid via dowsing indicated that the Type 2 joint sets are indeed Primary Curry Lines. Since the geological explanation for these regular fractures is rather vague I'm wondering if the Grid energy actually produces the fractures? Does anyone out there have the ability, and the local geology, to check this sort of thing in your area?
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