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Re: Help for remote energy dowsing

Postby mike » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:04 pm

Hi Bob,
No its the other way around, use what already exists to improve and boast any prays and feelings with perhaps a stone circle over the existing ancient site, to mark it out where folks can walk around and absorb the powerful energies.I have had a small stone circle in my garden for years, and its not drawn any energies to it left alone, I feel you have to build any new site where you expect things to happen over an existing ancient powerful place, SO you include those forces from old.You borrow the forces of good from the past where they have appeared, but its not always possible to find these sites in a busy Town, as often buildings and places are built anywhere spare ground exists, with NO thought to what might be there from the past good or bad...Glasgow has the Bowling arriving for the Summer,and Scotland has a really good chance of taking every prize, SO good is the team they have,I will be shouting them on :lol:
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Re: Help for remote energy dowsing

Postby BobD » Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:59 pm

How is this "the other way around"? I still have some doubts as to whether others in the past have imbued a spot with energy. Sure, I've seen/heard ghosts before and I know that personal energy exists as a physical presence beyond this life, but sticking your personality into a location? Sounds pretty limiting. I do physical (buried L-rods) energy interventions instead of intentional-mental ones for the same reason I didn't have kids: who needs the continuing responsibility here when I'm off to do ????.....
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Re: Help for remote energy dowsing

Postby mike » Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:55 pm

Every religion of the world has adopted energy centres for their Temple or Church from day one, and wars have been fought and still are being fought to control these places where the natural energy of the planet increases and boasts pray and thoughts, these sites offer the closest possible place to heaven what ever your religion,and I think it goes further to link in with the Cosmos where energy sites planet to planet are part of the matrix of the universe.Yes we seem as a planet to be rich with many ancient sites across planet Earth, but even the Moon and Mars I believe has such sites which may have attracted aliens to visit in the past, and even mark the site like those up and down the UK here.Native folk in the US built mounds to mark some places, and our early folk did the same before wood and stone took over to show where these forces existed,for me north west Scotland has places marked out from during and just after the Ice Age finished, for them at the time a work of love.
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Re: Help for remote energy dowsing

Postby ledgehammer » Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:09 pm

an update on this,

Duncan says - We’ve now been contacted by the architects with two provisional layouts for the hilltop, but they are still in discussions with the Council about what the final plan will be. We’ve made some important points about the sightlines for the equinoxes and they are going to produce a new drawing taking those into account, which we hope to see quite soon.

looks like good news for Glasgow :-)


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