Leyline in Ireland

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Re: Leyline in Ireland

Postby EEL » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:57 am

Hi Mike - Thanks for thinking of us. I feel drawn towards Knocknarea[Maeves' mound] and after some dowsing up there, I am picking up at least four big lines crossing through the large cairn at the top[like Rory said]. The one that seems to head towards Newgrange/Anglesea direction appears to run through the middle of the nearby Carrowmore tomb complex. The link below is a map of the area .
http://binged.it/UKAApo (latest aeriel imagery 8) ]
If you look on the map -you will see a white dot just below where it says 'carrowmore'.If you zoom in,you will see that this is a tomb that lies in the middle of a whole[egg shaped]grouping of other ceremonial megalithic structures.
Maeves mound is on the big hill to the left -you can see a smaller cairn right next to it[north] -Here I am picking up a line that crosses through the two.
Happy flying Mike- I would be interested in what you can pick up on in this area, regarding large enegy lines. I will be returning to the hill soon for another dowse and will also check out the carrowmore site below.
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Re: Leyline in Ireland

Postby Rory » Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:13 pm


What you write resonates well with me.

I have been putting together a rough classification of nodes and Maeve's cairn with two pairs of 30 pace wide energy lines crossing over is one many hundred major Co-ordinate points found around the World. Others of a similar size that I know of would be Glastonbury & St Michaels Mount.

There are bigger more powerful nodes but not in the UK, these are found where there are two pairs of 30 pace wide lines and also a 50 pace wide line. Albeit by remote dowsing, I have counted & found only 24 of these places around the World. Uhuru in Australia is one of these places.

Then of course are the 4 big ones. The same places as the Absolute Co-ordinate points that Seth talks about in the highly popular best selling book in the 1960's 'Seth Speaks' by Jane Roberts.

More about these next year
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