Geopathic stress - electromagnetic iritation

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Re: Geopathic stress - electromagnetic iritation

Postby mike » Fri May 04, 2012 3:47 pm

DONT believe for a second 90% of dowsers cannot pick up geopathic places where the stress is high, all manners of reasons may cause the problem, but how can he claim ONLY a select few can find these places....Dont dowsers get called out when other people feel that stress and cannot live with it in a normal way,not to mention illness caused by the same bad lines, one line I cleared had three people and a dog suffer from living over the same line, but at different locations yards apart. Okay people who are NOT dowsers perhaps cannot relate to the forces that are making them ill/bad,but once they know what its about, they are happy with the explaination and move on....Making folks understand sometimes illness is a matter of postcode lottery,then you are on the road to recovery since its not THEM but most times the area where they live,just have to get the message across, Ministry Of Health does NOT WANT TO KNOW, I tried. 8)
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Re: Geopathic stress - electromagnetic iritation

Postby BobD » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:47 pm

I guess I don't see why folks have a problem with this guy's methods. Maybe the larger problem is the scope of his conclusions or the size of his ego. It's clear that at least some geological anomalies have physical effects that certain test instruments can detect. The fact that this fellow can do so is a testament to his quest for knowledge in his own way. That's not to say that others may have "instruments" which are no less sensitive and possibly more so, especially to energies that are not necessarily electromagnetic in character. The only problem I've had with his previous posts is that he seems to think that his is the ONLY explanation for ALL geopathic phenomena. Quite a leap of logic! My only broad conclusions from a mere 10 years of work researching Earth Energies is that there many types of these energies, some are detectable using test instruments while others seem not to be (while dowsers appear capable of finding any of them), they have certain patterns that make them unique and readily identifiable, and they can be dissipated or diverted by a number of means, including the megalithic means that the blogger mentions.
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