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Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:29 am
by Rory
Hi Morwennauk

Good to hear you want to get into dowsing. I would like to help you more but am not sure when I will next be over to the Isle.
You are right about the names to places and we should not read too much into them when it comes to looking for energies, but that said there are lots of earth energy linear concentrations on the Isle of Wight including 3 big 'Dragons'.

There appear to be several terms people are using when describing these things. I understand Leylines to be straight line alignments between 3 or more sacred places on a map. Some people look for these Ley line alignments as an indication of where to find Earth energy lines. True Leylines, to my mind, have associated with them a pair of Earth energy lines (I now call these Earth energy linear concentrations as there is evidence they are part of a field of energy and these are places where their appear to be concentrations that are easier for us to sense).

If you can use a pendulum you will find dowsing for Earth energies fairly easy and there is plenty of help on this site and forum to help start you off.

it is Interesting to hear about the Holy stones and them getting hot. I think I have heard something like that before so if anyone on the forum can remember anything about this sort of thing it would be interesting to hear about that.

As for helping you to begin with, my suggestion is to start where there are the largest concentrations of energies. Once you get to one of these places just meditate whilst standing on the lines and ask to become familiar with the energies of that line in a way that will help you sense them more easily by dowsing when you are elsewhere. Then look to dowse the edges of these Linear concentrations and then ask to be shown the very middle of the line. Once you can do that you can move several steps to the side and soon establish a direction. Having been able to do those things you will soon be able to track the lines and find where they cross over. It is at these places that life gets even more interesting. What I mean by that you can find at (

I mentioned 3 large dragons on the Isle. I have already mentioned the first two in this thread on the forum and would recommend visiting the church between Nettlestone and St Helens and the old St Helens church on the shore. You should find the NE SW line here. That would be a good place to start to meditation to get better and sensing them.

The North South line is tracked from the mainline to cross around here as well but you may need to go to Bembridge to get further East to pick it up.

The third large Dragon (pair of 30 pace wide energy lines) I have only just tracked across the mainland. It comes across from South Wales in a NW SE direction and looks to be coming on shore on to the Isle of Wight on its Western end. By bizarre quirk of fate Arthur in his earlier posts on this thread was probably sensing this 3rd Dragon as it looks to be heading for the Long stone just North of Hulverstone & the church at Mottingstone. This gives a very real possibility that this Dragon will cross over with the original one I rediscovered that runs from Tonbridge Wells to the NE across SW to St Helens. The likely cross over of all 4 lines would be around Brighstone and Shorewell. The Tumuli on top of Cheverton down offer some good clues to start looking for these lines as well.

If you do look for them these will be around 30 paces wide like the St Michael and St Mary. (20 pace, 10 pace and 5 pace wide lines will not be these large Dragons and there will be many of these lines in and around the area as well).

If you keen to look for these lines you could well be on to finding one of the most sacred places in the UK. There are not many places where two large dragons cross over where all 4 lines come together. St Michaels Mount in Cornwall is one such place and Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst found that so you would be in good company if you found a similar node on the Isle of Wight. There are 3 out of 4 lines crossing over at Royston near Luton and there are only a very few other places where this happens in this country.

So if you find a strong node somewhere, try doing your crystal therapy on that spot. I am willing to bet you will notice and significant increase in the level of success from the therapy.

Anyway, I hope I have not put you off with my passion for the subject



Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:42 pm
by arthur hamlin
Hi Rory,
Just read your post and saw my name so thought I would add a wee bit more.
When I did my research it was to try and locate the places where I believe Christ came with his followers to Glastonbury.
My responses told me that the Isle of Wight at Brook was the first land fall they made to England.
Now this may not take many dowsers interests as Energy/Ley/Lines do.
But I did try to locate the places the Holy Party visited from their outset and all along the mediterrainian and via spain and france where they needed to take supplies on board.
I than concenterated on three places my dowsing indicated where I believe their presence was made known namely:- Isle of Wight, Glastonbury and East Anglia.
Brook I believe to be a really sacred area and if anyone is in that area this summer than please see what your responses are like.
The old churches close by are really ancient too but the one at Brook had a fire in the late 1800`s and a replaqcement was put up than but I believe that very site was where Jesus and his followers requested a place of worship to be constructed.
In the wood across the road from there there is a spring which bubbles up through the ground - another sacred place I believe.
Sorry, I am rambling on with my own interests and do not wish to spoil this thread - I get carried away!!!!
Now trying to get my head around the DRAGON concept!!.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:45 pm
by Rory
Hi Arthur
Thanks for that input. Your remarks about Jesus landing at Brook make sense to me as the energy line that I think runs by there is heading across Europe toward Israel. It appears to run parallel to the Apollo/Athena lines. I know the Gnostic Christians texts indicate that Jesus used to teach at sacred sites/stone circles and my guess is that he knew about these energy lines and no doubt followed them to see where they went and to find where they crossed other major lines. Finding these Major nodes would be like finding the holy grail which is quite possibly what the holy grail is all about - after all we find the main Knights Templar place in the UK is at Royston and we know that 4 major earth energy lines cross over in that town.

As for Dragons - the concept of calling Energy lines Dragons, I think, started in the Far East. Dragons can in many shapes and had many talents. One kind called Wyrms had no wings and these were considered to be linked to the mountain tops as they ran along the length of their ridges. Many Chinese temples were built in the mountains as they had good energies/ Feng Shui there. Wyrms were also confused by some as extremely large Serpents and there are many tales from many cultures of Serpents that circled the Earth. Serpent lines or Dragon lines I think are the same as the Earth Energy lines, although I now call them Earth energy linear concentrations as they appear now to be part of a field of energy and these are just concentrations in that field.
All the best

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:19 am
by Morwennauk
Thanks for all the lovely advice, and I will certainly be trying some. I forgot to add in my original post that the original priory of St Helens is in the grounds of a very posh hotel named the Priory hotel ( own heli-pad etc) , but anyone can access them. Either via Priory Bay (doh!) which is just around the corner from St Helens bay, or from the Node's point caravan site, or via the public footpath which is part of the costal path. You will pass by some very tall Scots pines if you use the footpath.
Thanks for all the information I will take my time to digest it, and will certainly go out with my crystal. As for therapy on the lines, it would intensify it but I don't think my paying clients would quite see it that way. I do have a lot of DFL's (Isle of Wightspeak for down from London) and they do think we are all quaint and rustic, but I don't think they'll go for that.
N.B. Did you know that Bembridge was originally an island at high tide, so like St Michaels mount then! That there is a 'lost' village called Wolverton nearby. There is a reputedly 'haunted' wood called Centurians Copse (It actually should be called St Urian after the mystic that visited Brading, once the busiest town and port on the Island and now land locked. Geologically, the rock stratas of the west of the Island end at Brading, and a different one begins (See a geological map online)

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:24 pm
by Morwennauk
I know this is a very old thread now, but I have some more info now which may be of interest to others.
The chalk ridge that passes right along the Isle of Wight from the Needles to Culver Down is a dragon line. Incidentally Culver down view point is notorious for car batteries going flat. (See David Icke video, it happened to him!)Right along it's length is many tumuli. The Belinus (I hope I've spelled correctly) Line crosses the Island and intersects the Island dragon line at a tumulus on Brading down.
If you want to go see park in the view point car park on Bully's Hill. Contact me for clearer directions.
Where the dragon line ends in the sea between Whitecliff bay and Yaverland, there are 2 caves called 'The Nostrils'. (i.e the nostrils of the dragon)They can be reached at very low tide, but not recommended as it is dangerous. Air sea rescue are gainfully employed there every year with tourists foolish enough to attempt this.

I have now accumulated loads of info, myths,legends and website links. If you are interested please contact me.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:27 pm
by SarahB

I'm very interested and have contacted you privately.

Thank you in advance.

Angel cuddles,
Sarah :)

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:15 pm
by mike
Saw you post Arthur and the others and decided to have a look at those places mentioned and some more as well, I like anywhere that includes stone in its name, its a link with the past right. We know many of the stone circles and such like places were removed and broken up years ago, when Christians thought old ancient/pagan places evil. But often the Earth forces remain, and while the standing stones are long gone, the places are as they were before changes took place in the country side....This in mind I dowsed the old sites on the Isle Of Wight to see what I could find, and its proved interesting, and while I dont wish to stand on any other dowsers toes, here is what I found, and I hope it helps with Isle Of Wight history.....First Arthurs Brook, it has for me a Sacred Site close to the B3399 road in the field where it bends to the north,it has both powerful radial and concentric forces coming from its centre and first was active 4100 years ago, and is 16x17 feet circle with clockwise forces from the flow of energy of the two Leys N to S and E to W. crossing it.I dowse a three stone marked circle at 50 39 21 29 N 1 26 39 67 W.
Hulverstone has a Sacred Site 2000 years old with powerful energies anti clockwise flow of energy within the circle, at position 50 39 14 43 N 1 26 14 14 W.
Mottistone in the past would have had a Sacred Site, but now its power has been removed,at the Mottistone Farm Shop,here both the North and West Ley Line has been broken where the building stands, I think at the door on the west side of the building ? It would have had a anti clockwise flow of energy within the circle/SHOP from the flow of the Ley power, the building foundations might exceed three cm above ground, or metal has been driven into the Earth at the point where the Leys run ?
Brightstone has a Sacred Site but again its broken Ley removed its energy, the North to South Ley is fine, its the West to East Ley that has been broken by a large farm building to the west of the junction between Gagger Hill Lane and the B 3399 road.The N/S Ley runs/along Gagger Hill Lane, but cannot cross the W/E Ley thats broken in the farm building.It would have been a 10x12 feet circle with five stones in ancient times at 50 38 46 58 N 1 24 23 63 W right at the junction there. Try and post the rest of what I dowsed on the Isle Of Wight, running out of room. :lol:

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:32 pm
by mike
Okay folks here is part two.......Limerstone has two Sacred Sites with powerful concentric and radial force that look like the spokes on a bicycle wheel/dartboard, both I believe dowse to 2100 years ago they become active pulsing power across the World,One circle is six feet wide and the larger twenty feet wide both clockwise flow of energy within at 50 38 35 99 N 1 22 40 55 W and the other smaller one 50 38 25 78 N 1 22 15 80 W ALL these sites on page 1/2 are fed by two Leys in each case.
Both Kingstone and Merstone I cannot find any Ley forces close or Sacred Sites...When I have time I will dowse further looking for large paths of Ley force on the island, but just now Im sore and need a sit down and break.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:41 pm
by mike
The Mottistone Manor Farm Shop I spoke of, if anyone lives close and can visit the shop, I would love to know if its the open barn type building with large steel H girders from floor to ceiling, this would explain why the two Leys are broken being grounded by the same steel H beam driven deep in the soil at the wrong point. Just bad luck I believe right at the point where two Leys cross, and would if the steel H beam was removed, allow the Earth forces to spin up again and make a powerful anti clockwise Sacred Site right in the building...The other case at Brightstone might have the same cause, these farm building tend to be built along the same lines with big H beams of steel supporting a high roof space. GLAD of any feedback.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:46 pm
by mike
Had another dowse around the Isle Of Wight and it does have for me any number of single Leys passing through, along with wider paths in three places I believe...One crosses the island from west to east at Norton Green, passing out close to Nettlestone on the east of the island, and its pretty wide including 5 energy /Ley lines, I will measure the width later.Two others cross the island coming from the mainland about N/E at a point just east of Bouldnor through Ningwood to Shanklin/Lake on the south coast again 5 energy/Leys wide.With another N/E line 5 wide from just east of Great Thorness to Bembridge on the south coast of the island....Where these wide paths cross in the centre of the island must be very powerful places, I havent checked where they are at the moment yet, I think above Merstone could be one of them, last time I looked close and found nothing of interest....Come back later.

The width of each path is 0.58 of a mile.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:17 pm
by mike
Dowsing today I find the two paths are close to Merstone, but 0.42 miles north is the one, and JUST to the east is the other running about NE across Isle Of Wight, so its not an energy centre, but close enough in my opinion.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:48 pm
by mike
Looked tonight for a position where the W to E energy/Ley line and the other N to E line crosses, and the one place is Ningwood where both of these paths cross, the entire area for 0.58 of a mile in a box shape has these energy points, and should be 10 in all across this area. Each has a energy line in two directions where they cross so its a special place, and might produce from time to time visions from the past, and on a darker note might have an accident black spot in this area from the energy levels at certain times of the year, or Moon cycles.... I would welcome any local knowledge of this area, and any past history....Other places may exist where the other two wide paths cross, but at the moment I dont have the time to look, but I will soon.

That 0.58 of a mile box shape of energy lines will have 5x5 which is 25 places where two energy lines cross, sorry. If you think of every hundred yards one pair of lines will cross each other running N to S and E to W it makes it 25 places not 10.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:16 pm
by mike
The other place on the Isle Of Wight where the two lines cross is Havenstreet, here both the NE and WE lines cross pretty well right at this position in my opinion.Again it will offer 25 spots where two energy lines cross in the 0.58 of a mile box, being 5 x 5 each way, about every 100 yards I believe, I welcome any comments from locals or other dowsers.

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:01 pm
by siinvincible
Hello all,

I'm in Brading on the Isle, and have been interested in the energies running through the Isle since moving here 9 months ago.

The punchbowl on Brading Down is a magnificent place, with the energies emanating out all across the field that it lies on the uppermost of.

I went to the nostrils today, and can say that for me the nostrils very much holds in the separate chambers the Shiva and the Shakti energy, so I would call them - the male, and the female, the chambers offering polar opposite energies.

There are plenty of places on the island where the energies do funny things. In Brading, it's almost like as if you go down into a swamp as you approach Brading from the Ryde direction - a few hundred metres before the roundabout. I tested with my mum where this swampy feeling finishes the other night, and we both felt it finishing as the road widens out on the other side of Brading going towards Sandown (perhaps a couple of hundred metres before the Brading sign on that side of the town).

Interesting at Quarr Abbey - there is a large quartz slab on the north side (I think - I may be mistaken though) of the little chapel where the monks take their vows. There is also a pyramid-shaped rock (from a wall corner), both are leaned against the outside wall there and have been known to have been there for some time. The energies is positive outside, and negative inside.

In Newport, in parts of the town many people are known to kind of get stuck/sleepy/lethargic. For me, it's a hard place to get out of, and I have to be very strong in my intentions when I go to town of what I want to be doing there.

Tomorrow we start a pilgrims walk across the dragon line from Culver to the Needles. Wish us well - it shall be a 3-day jaunt!

Re: Isle of Wight Energy line

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:06 pm
by mike
Very interesting post siin, I get the energy at the Punchbowl no problem, if its that round shape with the four circles inside and the pole at the south side, it has a powerful n/s and e/w Ley here which produces both concentric and radial forces across the fields in every direction, I wonder what its history is, why build it other than to mark the passing of its Ley forces ? The swamp feeling is like walking on sand when you are walking against the Ley energy flow,try walking the other direction to feel the change ? Ley forces are directional, so walk against the direction of flow and you feel that swamp/sand like feeling, but turn and walk the other way, and its all natural and fine again.This is the case at Stonehenge where they make the public walk the wrong way around the stones, its against the natural flow so you are out of sink with nature....Im working on Newport/Culver, dont know why people are affected yet, come back if I find anything...Quarr Abbey in my opinion has some interesting things, a water vein running under the building with a fault line as well, plus a Ley from the n/w that passes through/close to the buildings there.And I agree with you, Isle Of Wight is a wonderful place to live, but its working out what everything is, where its coming from and where its going.

Newport town centre the building close to the High Street where Google marks Newport with a pin, it has a Ley line running n/w and another e/w in my oinion, BUT it has a weak Black Water Line running n/e to s/w across this same position, so I think it gets charged more and causes this problem of leaving and taking quick decisions/actions.The problem might be MORE acute on the south/west side of the town, as its here the BWLine has been charged and increased, it wants clearing, something I can do from home today with help from higher forces.The n/w Ley runs part along Medina Way coming from Hunny Hill direction, but nothing really special outside those mentioned.

The Black Water Line comes from the Orfordness Beach and Europe across the North Sea but its gone now I hope, and should help those people in Newport and other places.

I think the energy at Culver comes from the north at Seaview, and does not run across the Island to the Needles.

If that BWLine did increase its power from the Leys at Newport its gone now, I wonder if the affect/condition on locals has changed now or will in a few days time ?

JUST checked the Devils Punchbowl is an ancient site and not that round shape along the road on the south side, so WHO built that round shape and why, its most powerful and is the dominate influence on the area there including the Punchbowl in my opinion, yet it looks modern ?? It has powerful forces running throught it and stands head and shoulders above all else in that area for me.