SHC or Spontaneous Human Combustion.

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SHC or Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Postby mike » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:00 pm

A genuine Crop Circle forms when a microwave energy for a part second heats the crops which soften the stems allowing them to twist and bend enough to form those magical shapes we see,and in every case at least two Ley Lines are involved crossing the design where the energy spreads out from.The crop stems are heated from the inside out, and sometimes blow the nodes where the crop forms, but it happens in a part second......In SHC the people are burnt again from the inside out, and in the cases I have checked Ley Lines are again involved every time with this happening, even from very early times.The Thanet Road Hull SHC case in Dec27 2017 has Leys involved, and again the Orchard Place Tottenham London case Dec 15th 2017 as well.The pictures of Michael Faherty and Mary Reesex show burnt bodies with Ley Lines crossing where they lay on the floor, and how many other cases where its happened could have Ley Lines involved where they cross each other at the focal point.....I believe at times of high energy of the planet its very possible microwave energy is pulsed down Ley Lines and where they cross this focal point has huge energy released at this position just for a few seconds, enough to burn a human body leaving the area around untouched, as in many cases this is what happens, thats my opinion after dowsing some of these cases which are unexplained even today of people burning for no reason.
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