Ara San Juan Missing Argentina Submarine.

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Ara San Juan Missing Argentina Submarine.

Postby mike » Sun Dec 24, 2017 8:47 pm

On Nov 15 a sub in the Argentina Navy went missing it was reported, and the news came on the TV in the UK that day, and to honest I imagined the US and Argentina would have that submarine found and perhaps a rescue mission working to remove the 44 crew within a few days at most.....But it turned out while many nations helped look for the submarine, bad weather which caused 20 feet waves in the Atlantic kept most of the rescue ships in harbour, so the period for safety for the crew came and went, with now no hope to find any of the crew alive.Its a very bad situation at any time, but just before Christmas is much worse, with the only good thing many nations all offered help to find the lost submarine, and did their best to find the crew...Im going to have a dowse around the last know position to see if I can pick it up,I just wished I had tried this before and not left it to chance others would find it quick and get the crew off....I think the snorkel broke in heavy weather and the water mixed with the batteries and caused gas to fill the sub and not allow the crew to escape or gain control of the problem, they were overcome.I dowse the submarine to be at Google co ordinates 47 05 29 77 S 63 18 17 09 W after the diesel engines/electric engines failed the sub sank out of control and imploded at great depth, with the crew unable to help.

Its about 5.44 miles W from the Patagonian Shelf marker on the Google Atlantic map I believe.
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