Greenland Active Volcanos.

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Greenland Active Volcanos.

Postby mike » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:53 am

A study is being made of the chance of another volcanic eruption in Greenland in the near future, and I just had to have a nose around to see what the chances are of it happening.Its a place where for hundreds of years volcanic hot water has fed streams and lakes showing that volcanic activity is very close to the ground surface in many places, a real natural hot spot....The dowsing of Greenland in my opinion shows thermal activity just south of Disko Bugt on the west coast area, and south of Mount Forel on the east side, and odd places all the way up the east coast towards the north there.Its such an active place its hard to put your finger on any possible new volcanic outburst, like the one which grounded all those planes some years ago for a week or more.I think you would need to dowse twice a day to look for changes and a build up of magma close to the ground level where in the past its been quiet, but with the magma in places already high it will be a hard job to pin point new changes, or the natural rise and fall of magma pipes to local conditions....The local birds and wild animals will predict any new eruption long before they happen, leaving the area where the magma will force out of the rocks, they have the natural ability to hear/feel the rocks breaking deep inside the planet a day before the magma will force its way out, so the first warnings will come from the local birds and wild animals that will want to move away from where it will happen.Sound may be the key to a build up of gases and magma just before any eruption takes place, where the rocks are broken and gases released deep down in the planet as the magma forces upwards through the covering of rock strata, with the birds and animals hearing this and being warned to run away fast ?
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