Missing Danielle Jones.

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Missing Danielle Jones.

Postby mike » Mon May 15, 2017 6:10 pm

On the TV news tonight the case of a young girl murdered some years ago, and her body has never been found.The Police are looking at garages in Thurrock, where they think her body might have been buried from reports they now have, so I have taken a look to see if I can dowse her....I get an influence of her from the area just south of College Road, where the path runs through to the main road to the south.Its in what looks like gardens at the back of houses there, up against the main wall where this path runs between the houses, and a space in front of it..Its Google GPS POSITION 51 29 02 87 n O 20 13 91 E .I dont know if this might help, I hope she is now found for her family.
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