Hunting Hitler

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Hunting Hitler

Postby Merlin » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:51 pm

Has anybody been watching the second series which is being shown on the History Channel. History has always been one of my favourite subjects and I have to say there has always been something about this part of the second world war that fascinates me. I have to say that I'm not convinced that Hitler met his death in the bunker nor was his body disposed of in the Reich chancellery garden and cremated.

The programme take on the idea that Hitler was flown out of Berlin at the last moment, and that there at least 6 doubles of Hitler and Eva Braun who were executed shortly aftwards (the Hitler doubles were even made to wear his trousers that were marked with his name!). the belief is that he was flown in a small aircraft to a small grass airfield in Denmark, from where he either escaped on a larger aircraft to Spain where he was hidden by Franco. The story then goes that he either was picked by a U-Boat or was flown to the Canaries and again was picked up by a U-Boat. For several weeks after the war ended, U-Boats were appearing off the coast of Argentina. The investigation led to the San Carlos de Bariloche which is a small town in an area that resembles Bavaria with lakes and the Andes as a backdrop then there is Teyu Cuare in the Misiones region which is in the north. Some 40 miles north of Bariloche is a large house set on the shores of a lake, back in the 1940's and 50's this was really isolated with access only from the lake. Since then a highway has been built and passes within 200 yards. There is what looks like guard/machine gun posts. What has been discovered is that behind this large house is an underground bunker that has now been destroyed (the air vents can still be found). This seemed an extremely plausible location, then there is Teyu Cuare, this is really interesting place as nazis coins , ammunition and even photographs were found. In the area they discovered the great niece of Herman Goering, then they spoke to the son of now deceased highly decorated German Paratrooper, he showed them his medals and photographs when pressed a bit further, he went and showed then a photograph which he said was Adolph Hitler and taken in 1961! Other people have said that their families had dealings with mysterious people who visited but were never seen apart from a select few, they have also stated that they had spoken to this person on the telephone and that the phone calls ended round 1962.

I have to say some parts of the investigation were lacking such as when they examining Léon Degrelle escape from Berlin via Norway to Spain (San Sebastian) they failed to explain who he was.

Nothing about dowsing but then maybe a bit of a dark subject to tackle maybe?
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