Gravitation Line ?

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Gravitation Line ?

Postby Geoff Stuttaford » Sun May 10, 2015 1:36 pm

A dowser on Skye was sent a plan of the ground floor of a house that a friend of mine had recently bought. The dowser found, from the plan, among other features, what he referred to as an earth energy line that was also then found by my friend using L-rods. I, too, have dowsed remotely that this energy line exists but that it exudes no electromagnetic energy normally associated with g.s. or water lines. My friend’s husband, also a dowser, has suggested that this could be a “gravitation” line. That would imply that any energy that the line contained may be acting in a downward direction ! (I have dowsed that it is NOT a ley line)

I would be interested to learn whether anyone else has come across an earth energy that contains no electromagnetic content, or knows whether “gravitation” lines exist in fact, or what else this line could be.

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