Adam Hart Davies on James Randi's Oz dowsing test

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Adam Hart Davies on James Randi's Oz dowsing test

Postby Ian Pegler » Fri Dec 12, 2014 8:09 pm

Seems like a good moment to bring this up...

Adam Hart Davies wrote:I am no sort of believer in the paranormal, but I have seen too much
dowsing success to dismiss it out of hand, and I have seen a sensible
professor of engineering set up a successful investigative test.

Yes I do know about Randi's cheque, and I have also looked critically at
the footage of a massive dowsing test he carried out in Australia. In
that test he bamboozled the contestants with muddled statistics. They
did indeed show a significant effect, but he managed to flannel his way
out of it.

So I am not prepared to deny dowsing out of hand.


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