Comets in Space.

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Re: Comets in Space.

Postby mike » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:33 pm

Its reported a huge astroid 3 miles wide will pass close to Earth on December 16, and while its expected to be 27 million miles away, its still close enough for the folks on Earth to keep a watch on it, NOT that I think we could do much to change its flight at this late stage.Something as large as that would cause a huge amount of damage if it hit the planet,to the point its possible nothing would survive any impact, because the dust and debris thrown up would block out the light from the Sun for years, even if it just glanced us.That would mean no food would grow and things like water and electric and gas supply would cease, it would be for anyone who lived going back to the ice age and basic conditions for life.
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