The Stones of Strathearn by Andrew Finlayson

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The Stones of Strathearn by Andrew Finlayson

Postby tomogston » Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:52 pm

The author is an architect who has undertaken a five year project to write this Gazeteer of the standing stones in the Strathearn area of the Highland Boundary Fault - which cuts across Scotland from Stonehaven in the North East right across to Arran and into the Atlantic.
It tells you where the 38 standing stones are located, in and around the area of Crieff, Comrie and the Ochills.

It's a very handy guide as there are colour pictures and maps included and how to find them plus nice detailed drawings of the stones and other diagrams.
He gives clear and detailed information for all these locations. Some of the stones you will need an Ordnance Survey map to find. He also gives advice to how to use these maps. There is a brief history of the area and people who lived in Strathearn, from the Ice age to the first Neolithic farmers. Also included is interesting archaeological information of the area.

Finlayson describes how the stones were erected and some of the theories of what the cup and ring marks are telling us. There is a suggested plan for a walking tours of some of the stones. There are good web links and local guide books which he suggests. Everything you would need if you are planning a visit.

I found this Gazeteer while I was in Comrie Post office. This a good companion book for David Cowan Earth Energies and Leylines

For further info where you can preview the content and purchase the book ISBN 978-0-9565499-0-7 Check out this website, good local information and history
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