David Cowan Chris Arnold Leylines and Earth Energies

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David Cowan Chris Arnold Leylines and Earth Energies

Postby tomogston » Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:46 pm

This book may have been reviewed before. It’s a great blend of subjects David Cowan has collected together in this edition .He also has a website which is worth browsing through.
This book tells of the author’s 3,000 mile journey he has undertaken in Scotland, covering ley lines and different types of Standing Stones and Circles and their associated energies. Also the geology and landscape of the areas he has travelled in; Sacred Geometry and a masonic connection in Crieff's street plan; cases of ill health which have been caused by Geopathic Stress he has worked on.

It’s a real mixture of his experience and thoughts in over 30 years of dowsing.

Chris Arnold discusses Earthlight; planet outgassing; crop circles effects; magnetism and electrical field activities and other strange events in the earth system.
There are ley line maps, pictures and drawings of the areas he has visited. He explains: the strange qualities of cup mark stones and their sinuous wave patterns; different types of spiral energies coming from a monolith stone and graveyards; experiments in amplifying ley line energy with crystals on a temporary basis; how your thoughts can affect ley lines. Also how energy waves emitting from the stones can be affected by the landscape and geology of the area. Earth energy systems can cause ill health and apparitions and all types of phenomena. There are stories of cases he has worked on: hauntings & poltergeist activity; a hypothetical reconstruction of the Ley System involving Standing stones, burial grounds, stone circles and the effects on homesteads.
He includes historical facts and folklore of Strathearn where he lives and other places worldwide. He also notes the contributions of Dowsers past and present.

I had the good luck to spend some time with David Cowan recently in his hometown of Crieff... A real gentleman and a very fascinating person who has so many interests.

We went to a local shop which in the past had some disturbances. I managed to locate the area where the activity had occurred with my dowsing rods, the same area that David had found; this was a hidden doorway in the shop, you can read the full story in his website. Having known the psychic he had called in and how accurate she is, it really painted a complete picture of what had been happening in the premises... Another house we visited is having similar problems; we found the same kind of energies present. He is going to ask someone to help the family concerned.

Most of last week I have spent dowsing in the Strathearn area around Crieff, Comrie, Muthill & Gilmerton . Also going to churches and the castle in Stirling. This area is such a beautiful part of the country it’s very much worth visiting.

While in Comrie I picked up a Gazetteer of the standing stones of Strathearn which I will also review.
http://ley-man.co.uk/ is David Cowan’s website where you can also purchase the book
Lay lines Earth Energies by David Cowan and Chris Arnold ISBN 1-931882-15-0
http://www.strathearn.com/ this website has good local information
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