Psychic and Spiritual attack on negative/ earth energy lines

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Psychic and Spiritual attack on negative/ earth energy lines

Postby chupacabra » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:48 pm

Peace people.on my journey to dowsing and as a spiritual law the more knowledge experience one gets and does not reveal it for the benefit of all you are fined.
I learnt about geopathic stress and dowsing ,i said i l give it a try ,and undergoing heavy negative energy attacks from my haunted house and some evil(ungrateful children like meanies and jealous peoples)i mapped all the curry and hartmann lines also black energy lines also clock and anti clockwise spirals on the property.
I discovered the practical truth on geopathic tell tale signs cats (all cats show up at the house)slugs ,ants(big geopathic stress giveaway)negativity in the house (i used to feel better outside the house than in it.Weird stuff with negative entities including poltergeists doors slamming ,them messing with you,bulbs blowing out ,lights flickering(entity manifesting)thuds and hitting stuff during heavy prayers.
Okay its scary the first time ,but its a annoying and frustrating and usually you become quite angry once your not scared and know there a are malevolent entities.This concept of balancing energy and chi or ki with your surrounding is known to all cultures across the globe.You can read about the indian way of designing and balancing energy Vastu shastra or feng shui chinese etc.
Right i blocked redirected and converted these lines and spirals with copper wire rods ,i dont know what its called but a copper wire coiled in both directions clockwise and anticlockwise for the geopathic spirals(anticlockwise not good).immediately the property felt lighter and the psychic attacks lessened as in the lights wouldnt flicker dim under prayers and spirtual prayers(you feel the negative energy/actually shit when thats going on) (it can get crazy transformer blowing up too/entities use the grid)
now i know astral projecting(they are up too no good) is easier on black lines/usually witches warlocks/even bad spirits use these.
But i would suggest anyone undergoing spiritual and psychic attacks /or not living on a balanced property to get these lines blocked or converted.
Believe me it takes a toll on your health and energy(mega drained/you get up more tired than you slept) and well your drive,sleeplessness house sick syndrome,all sorts of health issues,you just dont feel right in that location or house,things keep getting worse one step forward two steps back kind of thing.
This is just a brief summary and experience to dowsing.Plus under heavy prayers /you might get lucid or recall your astral attacks or sightings especially on where some lines are passing through draining negative energy(the likeness of a sewage line dumping in your room or house)some wicked people intentionally tap into the energy stream from dumping their evil intent energy or curses which comes and drains right into your property/yeah sounds weird very true.Ever wondered why everything seems blocked or why your drained of vitality/sometimes certain buildings and places are sucking all the energy from an area might just be your house.
well this brief writeup hope helps you,confirms your suspicions,any one would want to add me more knowledge i am all ears,share your experiences.
im still learning and wouldnt mind more tips.sometimes its not bad earth emf fields but man made (i wont get into this on the dowsing forums)but it would help balancing the earth energies so you can combat man made emfs and if you go deeper into the matrix sinister man made emf weapons.
hey im brave maybe stupid for saying all this or im just honest and want to learn more so i can prosper especially with nature(under attack) and the wicked keep her nourishing energies for themselves(or go into freaky stuff to steal energy we wont go into that here but you know).
on a closing note to this for you a hodge podge of a topic Read this.but any warrior for true light fights the fight and shares knowledge.

When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.(unless you destroy others and have underground bases and your own seed silos of gm seeds and natural seeds hahahahaha actually not funny)

—Cree Prophecy(quite a reality,but we will be a hinderance to dark forces,we just not going to make it easy for them are we?)

dedicated to All resistance warriors past present and future who have paid with their lives without a second thought or doubt to fight the good fight.
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Re: Psychic and Spiritual attack on negative/ earth energy l

Postby mike » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:21 am

PHEW Chupacabra thats heavy stuff your posting, but sometimes I feel like the world is spinning down the plug hole, like you empty the sink,its not the once happy place it was when I was little. I can see where you are coming from, but I try and bring light into everything I do and say, that way you break the lines of evil that stretch each and every way. Do something good when ever you can, however small or difficult it is,as it makes a difference, and smile when things are tuff....However bad things are with you today, someone somewhere is MUCH worse off remember,so stand tall and work to make things better for all.
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