The Human Kingdom: a Perspective

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The Human Kingdom: a Perspective

Postby Lyndon Ronstadt » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:43 am

I started off wanting to write my own perspective of the human kingdom (which I may still do) but, having taken the lazy decision to avoid the irk of assembling my own thoughts, I waited to see if something would 'come through' of it's own accord. What followed was not what I had intended to say but, as it makes reasonable linguistic and logical sense, I thought I'd slap it up for general interest.

From the perspective of every day science the human kingdom is just one in a series which starts with the mineral and ends, quite inexplicable, with the human. Religion and those whose sensitivities take them beyond the mundane realm testify to other, higher, stratums of evolution extending, in the Christian and Hindu systems of esoteric knowledge, to the very feet of God.

Science of course is limited in the scope of it's measurement to that which falls within the ambit of material science and has not, nor can it, penetrate beyond the confines of it's current limitation without recourse to what will come to be known as the science of contemplation. One cannot measure where instrumentation cannot go and are forced therefore to seek and apply other systems of measurement which are not confined to the limitations of the material realm.

Before this can happen though certain changes are needed both within the conceptual framework on which human thought is based (and within the human psyche) which is nothing more than a change in attitude and perceptive capacity - the first enabling search beyond the realms of current knowledge and the second the development of faculty through the discipline of meditation. Many lives are spent in attempts at contemplation before the breakthrough comes and the astonished aspirant (for that is what he has become) is ushered into the presence of his or her guardian angel. It is from this high perceptual plateau that a better perspective on the nature of reality can be had, and with it the power to see what lies behind the veil of so called material reality.

In actual fact there is nothing that is not cased in matter of one form or another as without it the human consciousness cannot experience itself as a separate existence, and without the knowledge of separateness consciousness, as far as we can determine, cannot exist. Beyond the realm of material existence we cannot go in our contemplative moments but we can with training and effort transcend our current limitations and ascend temporarily to higher reaches of the material world from where it is possible to bring back evidence, all be it anecdotal, of our relationship to that which is otherwise beyond our grasp.

The human kingdom is not intended to live forever in the realm of the gross material and will find itself eventually based, as it were, in more subtle forms. Before that can happen though familiarity with such forms through the process of contemplation is necessary if consciousness is not to be effectively extinguished by the subtlety of the new environment. One cannot live on the subtle planes as of right without first familiarisation by way of contemplation. Those who aspire to greater levels of awareness but cannot find the time or the inclination to practise the one sure method by which this aspiration can be realised will, I'm afraid, aspire forever or until they accept the inevitability of what is presented here.

I am He who watches over the contemplative life of the human kingdom.

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