Cures and "Miracles"

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Cures and "Miracles"

Postby hmj » Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:02 am

Some of you may be interested in a documentary on BBC iplayer till Sunay night. Shown on BBC Northern Ireland on Monday it atmospherically follows a 73 year old farmer who is collecting cures for a book as he wants to record them before they (and the families who hold them) die out. Its dark, brooding, atmospheric, strikingly juxtapositioning the reactions of animals (domestic and farm) to the words of the tellers.

You are told how religion is used to "give hope" where nothing else does and old cures are still used because "they don't cost much". You will proably leave with more questions than answers - but worth a look to raise questions about a fair few thing - particularly the grey area between pagan and accepted religion where deeply religious ladies rub babies backs with rosaries whilst untying knots in string to cure colic and farmers spit on cows whilst making the sign of the cross to cure ringworm.

BBC i player - True North - Factual - religion - "The Miraculous Tales of Michael McGuigan".
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Re: Cures and "Miracles"

Postby mike » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:32 pm

I think cures and miracles are sometimes ONLY a thought away, but you have to be committed to the idea changes can be made by thought alone.Nine out of ten people will tell you this or that is not possible, but now and then things are done which defy logic and show the human mind is capable of far reaching changes I believe.
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