Near-death experience 'all in the mind'

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Re: Near-death experience 'all in the mind'

Postby ledgehammer » Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:59 pm

simonwheeler wrote:Thanks for this, Tom. I "googled" the name of the blind woman in the last quote you posted- Vicki Umipeg. I'll not list the links here...but some very interesting stuff. Poor woman- her experience has been seized on by many to prove.....almost whatever they want to prove!


I am still going through the data, fantastic research material!!

Interestingly It would be interested If any of the forum contributors have had any such an experience?

Hamish said that it was a N.D.E that got him into dowsing, it would seem that a link between the two would make sense

The universe is a soul, trying to understand itself.... We each have the power to look inward at its immense beauty....
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Re: Near-death experience 'all in the mind'

Postby Helen-Healing » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:28 am

The phenomenon appeared to be the brain's "last hurrah"
According to latest 'research' on rats.
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