Why is dowsing NOT like Ouija?

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Re: Why is dowsing NOT like Ouija?

Postby JackieN » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:01 pm

Hello all – this is an interesting discussion. I have a Ouija board and I do use it. It doesn’t seem to work if I choose to use it on my own but I find I go off into a light trance anyway so wouldn’t know what message was being spelled out!
I’ve always wondered why the Ouija gets the bad press where other forms of spirit contact don’t. I think that it’s been used in the past as a game and then something has happened to freak people out.
It seems to me that it’s the group energy that makes Ouija work and I am very serious about taking it seriously and protection.
And now the question of why is dowsing not like Ouija. I’ve already mentioned that I find it works as a group activity and that’s purely because it takes a lot of energy to move the planchette or whatever’s being used.
In my experience the ‘information’ comes from different sources. In dowsing I believe that my subconscious is tapping into a universal bank of information to give me the answer.: it feels like intuition. In Ouija it feels that there is an external energy coming into me to move the planchette. I know ultimately that my energy is part of the same thing as the spirit energy that is moving the planchette but it doesn’t feel that way. It’s hard to explain but there’s a separation
In terms of lack of intention during Ouija, again I find it works better if there is an intention. For example if somebody in the group specifically intends to make contact with a loved one I ask them to talk out loud to that spirit and then the rest of the group focuses on the words being spoken so their energy is also focussed on the intention.
I’m not sure how much this adds to the discussion but it’s just personal experience from one who quite likes the Ouija (and dowsing…)
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Re: Why is dowsing NOT like Ouija?

Postby Geoff Stuttaford » Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:05 pm

I have heard it said that with dowsing one can be pretty sure where the answers are coming from whereas with the ouija board the source of information can be from any source. I have also heard that one young lady invited the source to 'visit' her and she finished up in the loony bin as a consequence because the source was a really nast one. My source is dead against ouija boards so do be careful if you intend to use one.

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Re: Why is dowsing NOT like Ouija?

Postby B.J.C.Courtney » Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:52 pm

arthur hamlin wrote:Okay - now to put a very soft spanner into the works.
I for one believe the use of the Ouija is very similar to that of dowsing.
We have got so used to believing this to be an improper means of communication with the other side, so it continues.
The main difference I believe is that permission and protection is not sufficiently well asked for, plus you have a number of people especilly those that are young and wish for a thrill who`s attunement to the processess involved may not be in complete harmony thereby affording a kind of add hoc approach.
Here again you have physical movement of the hands and arms which can reach across the table, same as physical movements of dowsing rods and pendulums.
I believe this is all relating to telepathy. Unless permission and protection is requested from the heart instead of a possible manipulative brain by everyone, than anyone can come through the door.
Also good protective energies needs to go right around the table and the participants and remain so during the exercise.
If the light you put out is bright enough you will attract that similar light on the other side. If it is done for a laugh than you will attract the laugh from the other side, same as dowsing.
When in contact with my source there has often been a cut off point when my hand does not move. Later when I question this I`m told that an earthbound went close by and we did not want to attract its attention otherwise our information exchange could well have been distorted. Same happens with pedulum rods and ouija.

I also do not agree with the theory that the subconscious has to come into play everytime.
My dowsing says this is most likely the case with those dowsers that occasionally dowse, but am told that those that dowse once or more times in the day just the conscious is sufficient for the source to understand what you are putting over.
It has often been said - `Let your light so shine before men` another is the `Lighthouse` - the bigger the light the more can be seen.
I feel its not all to do with the mental mechanics here but attuning your heart to the unseen intelligence for their needs as well as ours.

I agrea with Arthur, if anyone has used a dowsing quistion and answer mat then they are use a basic form of Ouiji board, i made a version for my own use but have seen others onlime that are just spirit boards or Ouija boards.

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Re: Why is dowsing NOT like Ouija?

Postby chupacabra » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:09 pm

hey i just bend wire and dowse the electromagnetic fields react for energies of curry hartmann black streams sha streams.i dont get a pendulum and ask what job i should apply or which loo i should take a dump.ohh its just energy fields.nor do i ask anything except God to always guide me with or without a wire.plus dowsing is baby wheels because if our pineals werent messed with and toxic we would be seeing the energies.i have always felt bad vibes especially i was confusing negative energy as my own .you lot serious rellying too much on it rather than growing out of it to the next level of seeing energy.we can always feel energy unlike some others i dont operate on negative or dark energy,some love that shit and feed of it.wait till you get really monotheistic on top of that really pray avoid low vibe stuff challenge evil incorporated and start fighting demons physically actually always attack from behind they have no honor.most spirits already operate out of us they propose an idea and then imitate your voice and you being silly or not aware think hey thats my thought ohh i need icecream sugar carbohydrates ,wait that chick looked hot maybe i should do fb etc etc just say im going to pray 1 hour or meditate or exercise how about one hour of community work charity shit i need to do this etc etc etc.i cant wait till you find the neighbour hood satanists into the hardcore shit and group psychic attacks/or wait you find pedo ring and cops giving escorts to children smuggled from orphanages, underground tunnels psychic hybrids group attacks advanced emf weapons pointed at you.heck i started watching sci fi because The creator woke me up to all this happening.because i mentioned mega truth bombs tommorow i get extra harassment.yup till you willing to stop evil evil has many ways of distracting you wait till you experience hive mind hahahahahahaaha.any one have cohognes to join me or back me up or stand alone one man army???????????????huh ww3 began long time back the overt methods reduced and covert methods increased!most of the evil lot have stockholmn syndrome .im the boogeyman for others boogeymen.the matrix has all of us at different levels.yup.step up!more like get out
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