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Postby arthur hamlin » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:55 pm

Hello Grahame,
All is forgiven, although I was taken back a bit, and wondered whether I should fire some ammo back or bite my teeth and say nothing, I even thought I would apologise for causing such a stir.
But have to admit I am illiterate when it comes to computer searching and know how, and my remarks were meant to be on the lighter side and did not think you could grant my request anyway.
Hope your carol singing went well.
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Re: Podcast now online!

Postby An Ri Rua » Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:58 am

Its funny, I started a job one time working for an internet company and couldn't even send an email at the time! Within a few weeks, I was 'with the programme'. This was in 99 when most of us were net virgins. Now, I'm like Jimi Hendrix with the guitar around his neck while visiting the restroom to powder his nose! Ok, I don't go that far but I have either a laptop or a smartphone logged on constantly.

I feel that, like dowsing, with the right questions that a good search engine can take you anywhere and tell you whatever you need to know. We do live in amazing days. Things speeding up so much as we approach 2012, I feel. There is a multiplication of progression happening. For instance, I know Arthur, that you correctly say that we should practice, practice and practice for ourselves and not merely read the work/ theories of others. But having been an occasional visitor to Treasurenet, I visited more frequently in the last 6 weeks and funnily enough, the excitement and intrigue over historical theories vis a vis treasure has actually motivated my own dowsing to no end; less so in the direction of material things but moreso a heightened appreciation of 'the art' again. I've fallen in love with practical dowsing again (sigh!), alongside my voracious reading habit :lol: The exposure to whole new ways of looking at something that I felt so familiar with is a breath of fresh air; a paradigm shift. I feel energised by this meeting of minds, rather than constricted by someone else's perceptions. A worthwhile jaunt it surely has been.

Incidentally, a topic I raised here before as others have, about a dowsing / remote viewing peer group for solving crimes etc; I came across a US version of same that works very closely with law enforcement and has a UK psychic on board. Very impressive and inspiring to the cause of dowsing in fact. Their 'main man' is a dowser who has helped bring a few cases to closure. The 'distributed risk' model helps the cause of dowsing / intuitive arts / psychics while ensuring less messengers are killed in the process !! Will post this elsewhere but felt its also relative to the podcasts and the future of dowsing.

http://www.FindMe2.com is the group I speak of.

Here's to a great 2009 for BSD and the cause of dowsing.

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Re: Podcast now online!

Postby SLAH » Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:22 pm

Thank you for creating this podcast. :mrgreen: I subscribe to a few and enjoy listening to them on my long, boring commute to and from work. It's nice to find podcasts that relating directly to my interests.

And, to take a point raised above: podcasts do reach out to audiences otherwise missed, either because they cannot catch the "live" shows, or because the younger audience prefer to listen as and when they want, rather than at a dictated time (i.e in accordance with a radio/television schedule).
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Re: Podcast now online!

Postby Grahame Gardner » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:52 pm

Thanks for the feedback, webwitch. It's good to know that the podcast is reaching the right people, and always great to hear back from listeners. You make a very good point about the 'listen on demand' aspect of podcasts, which is what is so great about them. I also tend to listen to them on long car or train journeys - although I often fall asleep on the train while listening to some podcasts (not my ones of course...)! :lol:

We haven't seen you on the forum for quite some time - nice to have you back!
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