April 2011 Earth Energy Line Signatures

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April 2011 Earth Energy Line Signatures

Postby Rory » Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:35 pm

I would like to write to say thanks to the DT team for very kindly putting in my article on the above subject in the recent magazine. The other reason for this post was to draw attention to one of the reasons I wrote the article.

I feel that the subject of energy line signatures is really quite large and is something that cannot really be fully investigated by just one person. If there are others out there looking into this, or if you are interested in looking for these signatures yourself, it would be really good to hear about your findings. If you want to contact me about this, or if anyone has any questions, please do so via this site and perhaps we can get a thread going under the EE section.

If anyone wants to see a graphic representation of the energy line signature movement, I have a moving photo image at the bottom of the home page on my website. That may help you see more easily what is under question.

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