Dec 2006 - Dowsing and Electric Fields

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Dec 2006 - Dowsing and Electric Fields

Postby Hugues Deshayes » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:15 am

Hi everybody,

This is a postscript to my article with the same title, dated December 2006 (p.27). Since then, another electronic electroscope, working on the same principle as the first, has been built. The main difference is that the aerial has been substituted by a metal tube, held in the hand. Any large voltage variation (mostly electrostatic) can now be picked up directly by the operator's body and displayed on a dial. It is possible for the body to pick up these voltages for 2 reasons: 1) The lower part of the operator's body is closed to the voltage source. 2) The operator is moving in the electric field of that source.
Within reason, The faster the operator moves within the field, the stronger the response on the dial. This is a form of electrostatic induction, but with an element of motion.
The ground surface is not uniform, electrically speaking, and charges can be detected over water sources and other charged bodies. Variation in voltage can be detected by sensitive dowsers even without the use of a tool, as the body itself becomes "electrified".
We already know that a dowsing reaction is obtained when the body primary senses are stimulated and electrical sensitivity may have the same effect. This suggests that dowsing is not one but two phenomena. One requiring the proximity of the object being dowsed and the other not. The only link being the two is the dowser himself.

Hoping that I have not bored you too much with my ravings.

Kind regards

Hugues Deshayes

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