Help balance earth energy of property/with crystals

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Help balance earth energy of property/with crystals

Postby chupacabra » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:14 pm

Hi people i did my best to stop block the energy the best i could now my question is on my rectangular plot iv managed to contain the movement of the earth energy to a 1.5ft energy line going round the outside perimeter of the property with some spirals at the corners of the property.They spin both ways clockwise and counter i dowsed some crystals i have they spin either clockwise or counterclockwise or are neutral or some spin both ways like am i to keep the corner spirals or vortexes spinning both ways or in a specific direction depending on which corner(north east west south)?which crystals to use any specific?any help will be appreciated!
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Re: Help balance earth energy of property/with crystals

Postby mike » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:05 pm

Crystals will remove the natural earth force of the planet if its placed close to a natural line, this will only destroy the balance and influence of the any line,its the last thing I would do.If you are not at home with the influence and atmosphere of the area of land where you live dowse WHY....Is it just you or do other people feel unhappy in that same place, you cannot change a place just because you feel bad, you have to know where the problem is first, and what causes the unbalance there, it could be just you having a bad day,and the influence you give out affects everything around you....You would be hard pushed to improve on nature, the idea to place crstals around you home would upset any balance and atmosphere already there, you could make things much worse doing that.First dowse/find whats wrong there, if others feel the same as you while they are in that same area,working slow change things small and easy at first if its the land, find where the bad influence comes in, and stop it at the edge of the land before it crosses your area.Only take a small step at first,so you can remove or undue anything that does not work or causes harm to others, a crystal can never improve any Ley Line power or influence.
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