Skeptics can be so cruel

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Re: Skeptics can be so cruel

Postby mike » Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:45 am

Watched a video on Discovery last night called THE TRUTH BEHIND, its a group of videos researching all manner of things world wide, last nights video was crop circles. I watched it and noticed that dowsing was not mentioned at all, when dowsing the formations is a very good way to know if this or that formation came by paranormal means. The real paranormal design in the fields is a MASS of energy of all sorts, including at least two energy lines crossing at 90 degrees right in the centre of every circle, with radial and spiral lines moving out from the centre of each circle large or small, its a very complex place.And this force goes out far beyond the edge of the design walls, right across the country in fact for hundreds of miles in every direction that can be dowsed and followed...While the video touched on the possible cause being paranormal for some crop circles, they never really discussed what the forces or influence might be, even the huge Julia Set crop circle that came within sight of Stonehenge some years ago.Come to think of it I have never watched a film on Stonehenge where they said earth forces might be the reason Stonehenge was built there, and used or mentioned dowsing as a way of probing any ancient site,still its their loss not mine,but it remains a pity when people walk about with the mind shut to forces around them 24/7.
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