Liechtenstein cuts RF exposure guidelines

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Liechtenstein cuts RF exposure guidelines

Postby Grahame Gardner » Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:11 am

Liechtenstein and Switzerland are to reduce exposure guidelines

Liechtenstein has confirmed its intention to adopt the BioInitiative standard of 0.6 volts per metre public exposure to RF radiation. This is to be achieved by 2013, despite opposition from the telecommunications companies who say they cannot provide a viable network to conform to this standard. They have threatened to leave Liechtenstein. The country is looking at providing its own alternatives and sticking with the reduction.

Full story at EM Fields.

For Liechstenstein report click here (PDF).

Switzerland is also proposing to reduce exposure levels to 0.3v/m - for further information visit here. The Swiss current limit is currently 6.0v/m, over ten times the proposed Bioinitiave standard.

The full Bioinitative report can be found HERE (PDF). The Summary for the Public and the Table of Conclusions (PDFs) are the important bits to read.
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