Seeing the Unseen 1/2 October 2016

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Seeing the Unseen 1/2 October 2016

Postby Grahame Gardner » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:24 am

Seeing the Unseen through Dowsing and the Labyrinth
Kennedy Hall, Dunure, KA7 4LX, Scotland
1-2 October 2016

A 2-day masterclass in dowsing and labyrinths led by Grahame Gardner (Scotland) and Tony Christie (Ireland).

Drawing on the ancient art of dowsing and the ancient symbol of the labyrinth, learn how you can discover some of the unseen aspects of life. Learn how to dowse the subtle energies of the earth and how to create and work with labyrinths to access and enhance your intuitive skills.

Grahame and Tony will take you on a wonderful journey of learning, exploration, awareness and fun. You will learn how to dowse, how to find answers to questions, discover earth energies, explore your life’s issues, and more.

This 2-day intensive masterclass with professional dowser and geomancer Grahame Gardner and Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator Tony Christie, will feature dowsing and working with the spectacular Dunure Community Labyrinth built by Andrew Guthrie. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to study with two internationally renowned experts.

The weekend will include:
  • Dowsing fundamentals – learning to use pendulum and rods, asking the right questions, dowsing protocols, protection exercises, dowsing for earth energies etc.
  • Introduction to the labyrinth – history, types, uses, including drawing and making labyrinths
  • Dowsing and walking the spectacular Dunure labyrinth
  • Using the labyrinth as a problem-solving tool
  • Labyrinth correspondences – chakras, music, planets, alchemy, and more
  • Melchizedek labyrinth meditation
  • Dowsing energy fields of labyrinth and people
  • Labyrinth as sacred space – incorporating astronomical alignments
  • Labyrinth dance – Gardner’s Double Appleton
  • Finding answers to questions using dowsing and the labyrinth

Price: £180 (lunch not included). Concessions available. Early Bird discount (until 5 September): £150

Details and booking: CLICK HERE.
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