Sir Geofroy Tory, 1912-2012

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Sir Geofroy Tory, 1912-2012

Postby Grahame Gardner » Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:39 pm

I came across this in the Telegraph:
Daily Telegraph wrote:Diplomat dowser sent dead man to Dublin
Sir Geofroy Tory, who has died 99, was a long serving diplomat who watched Winston Churchill monitor the progress of the Battle of Britain and organised the repatriation to Dublin of the body of a fellow Foreign Office official, the executed traitor Roger Casement. He was also a convinced dowser....<SNIP>

...He retired in 1970 and returned to live in Ireland, where he became an avid gardener, beekeeper and dowser. He had chanced upon dowsing while still a diplomat, but later claimed to be able to detect more than merely water. With a map in one hand and a pendulum in the other, he surveyed the coast of Ireland, identifying possible sites of treasure-laden Spanish galleons from the Spanish Armada. He offered his services to the local Garda to find lost bodies, and had at one time several hundred patients whom he dowsed to discover their particular allergies.
He was appointed CMG in 1956, and KCMG in 1958.

Full report HERE

Does anyone know if he was a BSD member?
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