‘Fairy Circles’ in Namibia Weren’t Created by Termites

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‘Fairy Circles’ in Namibia Weren’t Created by Termites

Postby Ian Pegler » Sat May 24, 2014 6:00 am

from Utah People's Post...

‘Fairy Circles’ in Namibia Weren’t Created by Termites

For several decades scientists are making an effort to come up with an elucidation for the formation of the unfathomable, vegetation-free circles often found in certain African grassland regions.

A recent study ruined the probability of the circles being caused by termites.

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Re: ‘Fairy Circles’ in Namibia Weren’t Created by Termites

Postby mike » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:52 pm

I wrote about these circles some years ago in the Circular crop circle magazine, they contain the energy of a CROP CIRCLE but not the positive energy but the negative end of magnetic pipe returning to the planet.If you see/imagine the magnetic plumes seen coming from the Sun during a solar flare, the bursts rise from the surface to bend round and return back a distance away, these are the same.The Crop Circle forms at the point where the two Leys cross, where the passing charged cloud drawing the energy from the planet like a lightning strike, plus the Ley charge creates the shape/design depending on the force released(like a sand tray) and sound waves...The other end of the magnetic pipe returns to the planet from high in the atmosphere as a negative charge, and forms the Fairy Ring of sterile ground, often in a large circle of some size...Some of these negative circles have formed in the UK, one being near Husbands Bosworth where it made people ill who walked inside it, not a place to be when its new and fully charged.
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