BSD award winners 2007

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BSD award winners 2007

Postby Ian Pegler » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:44 am

Here's the list of award winners announced at the BSD Congress 2007:

ROY TALBOT CUP - Michael Cranfield
POGSON CUP - Paul Craddock
BSD AWARD - Sue Brown
BELL AWARD - Pauline Roberts (has written a book - available soon!)

and this year a new award was introduced:

MERIT AWARD - Ann Lodygowski

Well done to all this years award winners. :)


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Michael Cranfield -2007

Postby Grahame Gardner » Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:58 pm

Patrick and myself were due to visit Michael Cranfield today to present him with the Roy Talbot award, but sadly we just heard that he passed away in his sleep yesterday morning at 5am following a bad chest infection.

I'd never met him and was looking forward to presenting him with the Talbot cup. He was delighted about his award and had written us a lovely letter of thanks.

A full and proper obituary will have to wait, but Helen in the office has shared this reminiscence:
"I know he was a fighter pilot with Bomber Command during WW2, flying 77 Squadron Halifaxes, and that he went to Rugby School, followed by Oxford on an RAF scheme. He trained to fly on Tiger Moths, followed by flying them with skis on the undercarriage in Canada.
He said,
"I first went solo first at De Winton, and as any pilot will tell you, it is one of the highlights of you life when you're entrusted to take an aircraft up on your own and do a circuit and land with no-one to help you. You don't feel fear, just exhilaration. And it stays with you all your life."

He had an eventful time there, and came home on the Queen Mary. He and his crew were terribly proud to be part of Bomber command and the RAF, which he thought had incredible fore sight, providing excellent training.

Scotland, and indeed the UK, has lost a fine water dowser. During his career he successfully dowsed over 900 wells and boreholes.
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