There's a smudging going on

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There's a smudging going on

Postby Grahame Gardner » Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:29 pm

Please note that I have just performed g a 'smudging' of the forum member list to get rid of any old accounts that have not been used for some time - we do this periodically, it helps weed out fake or dormant accounts and spammers, as well as keeping the forum leaner and easier to maintain.

The criteria for this are pretty simple - if you have registered on the forum but have never posted or visited the forum in the last five years, you will be deleted from the member listings. If an account hasn't been active in five years we tend to assume that either you're no longer interested, or you've forgotten your details or changed your email address and have re-registered (although we do ask you nicely NOT to do this!), or you're a spammer.

If you have made ANY posts at all, then you will not be deleted. If you want to register again, that's not a problem either, we're not banning anyone from access just because they haven't posted.
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