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Jane Thurnell-Read - new book

Postby Grahame Gardner » Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:40 am

This just in from Jane herself:

"My new book “Nutritional Testing For Kinesiologists And Dowsers” is now out.

This book is different from most nutrition books. It does not set out to teach you a lot of nutrition knowledge and facts. It sets out to teach you how to use your skills as a dowser or kinesiologist in the most effective way possible in this important area.

The book is based round a nutritional menu – an apt concept for such a book! The book explains in detail an easy to follow system that allows you to test quickly and easily the exact area you need to be working in. Then you can quickly turn to the relevant section of the book. There you will find information that will help to remind you of the important nutritional facts and issues that you need to take into account before you start testing. You will also find detailed information and advice on how and what to test.

The book does present a lot of nutritional information in an easily accessible format, but this is not the main aim of the book. This is a companion book teaching you nutritional testing skills to go with all the information-dense books you have on nutrition already.

Contents Of Nutritional Testing For Kinesiologists And Dowsers:

    How To Use This Book
    Walking Your Talk
    Nutritional Knowledge
    Ideal Diet
    Nutritional Indexes
    Working With The Nutritional Menu
    General Consideration And The Nutrition Session Menu
    The Nutritional Testing Menu
    What Are The Outcomes?
    Meaningful Instructions
    Quantity And Timing
    Method Of Eating
    Temperature Of Food
    Meals, Snacks And Timing
    Food Quality
    Food Storage And Preparation
    An Overview Of Metabolism
    Energy And Total Calories
    Carbohydrate And The Glycaemic Index
    Oils And Fats
    Antioxidants And Free Radicals
    Prebiotics And Probiotics
    Food Combining
    Acid/Alkaline Balance
    Raw And Cooked Food
    Processed Foods
    Food Additives
    Stimulants And Anti-Nutrients
    Vital Energy
    Specific Dietary Programmes
    Appendix A1: Vitamins
    Appendix A2: Minerals
    Appendix B1: Food Classifications - Culinary
    Appendix B2: Food Classifications - Nutritional
    Appendix B3: Food Classifications - Botanical
    Appendix C: The Digestive System
    Appendix D1: Life Stage Considerations
    Appendix D2: Interactions Between Medication, Food And Supplements
    Appendix D3: Reactive Hypoglycaemia
    Appendix D4: Obesity & Weight Problems
    Appendix D5: Cravings
    Appendix D6: Candidiasis
    Appendix E: Food Safety Guidelines
    Appendix F: Example Of A Client Session

Price is GB Pounds 9.50 plus carriage. 208 pages

Special Offer: Buy Allergy A To Z at the same time as any other book and save GB Pounds 4.50

I now have 5 books in print.

You can read excerpts and buy all my books here:


I hope you're as pleased with my new book as I am :-)

best wishes

Jane Thurnell-Read

PS two weeks ago I arranged to do a fund raising ride for Village Water - in May I cycle about 1000 miles in 12 days to raise money for a well in Zambia. I'm 61 now so this trip is going to be tough! The CEO of Village Water is David Dixon, a well known dowser. His team use dowsing to locate the position to build the wells. Click here to support me: http://www.justgiving.com/janebiking I aim to raise at least £2500 - I'm paying the trip costs myself. Please help me to get to my total - thanks."
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